Brothers Green Instant BGBQ

Brothers Green Essentials


Want to get your hands on an exclusive Brothers Green product that will revolutionize the way you eat? We have created something magical, a delicious dose of flavor, not quite a spice, not quite a sauce, this Instant BGBQ will turn anything into barbecue. Mix it into ketchup, you've got yourself barbecue sauce, mix it into mayo, your mind will be blown by the taste, sprinkle it on popcorn, use it when roasting veggies or cooking meat without the need of a barbecue. We've got a limited supply so make sure you snag a pack of our Instant BGBQ now for a taste of Brothers Green in your home. 

Ingredients- salt, black pepper, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, shallots, garlic, tomato, smoked paprika, cayenne, maltodextrin, corn maltodextrin, hickory smoke flavor, silicon dioxide (an anti-caking agent) Spices. 
(Limit one order per customer. Each order consists of two bags of Instant BGBQ)


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