My Most Glorious Recipes In The History of Ever. ECookBook
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My Most Glorious Recipes In The History of Ever. ECookBook

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What happens when you spend an entire year creating videos based on your favorite recipes and then turn them into an easily digestible (pun intended) cookbook for your reading and eating pleasure? Why this book of course! This book is simple, it holds nearly 40 written recipes from previous videos that I just had to share, ranging from "how to make every Chinese takeout dish" to "Beginners Guide to Thai Food" to "4 Ingredient Meals to Survive the Winter" and many many more. 
Typically on our videos we don't share written recipes and exact measurements, but for anyone that wants the recipes in a bit more detail, or just to have a book they can access on their iphone, computer, or ipad with a bunch of glorious ideas to get you excited to cook up something new, this book is absolutely for you. What's great is you can sort o scroll through the pictures and see what sparks your interest and inspiration. As always, the recipes are simple as funk and fun to make, why not whip up a glorious meal for yourself or for some other folks you love?


Some of the recipes included in this book: 
- General Tso's Chicken, Beef Pho, Lo Mein, Egg Rolls, Beef and Broccoli, Papaya Salad, Kimchi Fried Chicken, Carrot Miso Sexy Soup, Sticky Rice Fries, The Phorrito, Grilled Pork and Noodles, Mexican Chili Taco Stew, Mango Coconut Frosty, Tom Kha Soup, Sweet and Sour Chicken, you get the picture, lots of epicly delicious meals. 


Just a note when you purchase this book you will instantly get the PDF file to which you can simply read on your computer or send it to yourself in an email or text onto your phone or ipad and you can open it up in a book reader to make it nice and easy for you. 

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