Don't Buy This Book, Unless You Love Eggs (Ebook)
Don't Buy This Book, Unless You Love Eggs (Ebook)
Don't Buy This Book, Unless You Love Eggs (Ebook)
Don't Buy This Book, Unless You Love Eggs (Ebook)
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Don't Buy This Book, Unless You Love Eggs (Ebook)

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Don't Buy This Book, Unless You Love Eggs!

45 Simple, Glorious, and Sometimes Absurd Egg Dishes, That Can Be Made In Minutes, With Virtually No Skill At All.

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Josh Greenfield, of the Brothers Green, is at it again with some glorious recipes (most have only 4 ingredients in them) to help you make the most of your love affair with eggs.

Come on an eggtastic journey with me, sharing some of my favorite egg dishes, both for breakfast, and any meal when you are in need of a quick fix, something that you can whip up with all the deliciousness in your kitchen and none of the fuss. You've never seen egg recipes like this before. Whether you love all things eggs and are sick and tired of the standard scrambled egg, sunny side up, and omelet, or you just want to get some creative ideas to make new meals in the kitchen, all while getting a good laugh, this book is for you. 

Instant Access. This book is in PDF form, the moment you purchase the book, you have access to downloading it. You can read it right from your computer, load it onto your phone or tablet, it's simple to use, you can click on the table of contents to find the recipes you want and you can be making these recipes in minutes. 

What people are saying about "Don't Buy This Book, Unless You Love Eggs":
"This is awesome. I like how it reads like we are having a convo. Not a cookbook with instructions"

"This book is perfect for any chef, inspiring chef, Brothers Green fanatic,  house party entertainer or regular joe who just has an appreciation for mother nature’s most delicious discarded item; eggs!"

 "Wow, I love this."